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by Rebecca Happy on November 12, 2010

The 3-Step Marketing Pro Charlene Brisson

A few months back I wrote 3 posts to talk about what marketing consultant Charlene Brisson says are the 3 steps all marketing needs to take into consideration. In her 25 year experience working with large and small businesses globally , she says it always comes down to the same 3 steps.

The last time I wrote, I mentioned that she was finishing off a compendium on 148 ways to advertise and promote your business. Now as it is off at the printers she is launching her Marketing Minute series. Keeping marketing simple, the 3-Step Marketing Pro is giving us bi-weekly minute long business marketing tips using video. To top it all off we can actually subscribe to them and even have them delivered to our inbox.

Naturally, this is what I am doing. When you get them delivered to your inbox you can easily remember to watch them and put them into practice. One minute is good for me. I have found that little tips can trigger unlimited possibilities of implementation. Sometimes I find that I am overwhelmed with info there is so much. Keeping marketing simple and fun as Charlene seems to be doing works for me. I guess I must be in her target market.

Here is the first one of the series I have seen so thought I would share it. Now I have to pick my favourite colour.

3-Step Marketing Minute 5|Marketing Tactics & Tips

Tell me what you think. What colour are you branding your business with? Please tell me below or even go and tell Charlene on her Youtube channel.

Thanks for reading

Rebecca Happy~The Connector Gal

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  • Linnea Kline

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for sharing the Minute Marketing video resource. This was fun! Guess I’ll be thinking a bit more about color today as well. I wonder where one might find those glasses however :)

    • rebeccahappy

      I am going to tell Charlene to get over and tell us. I remember my daughter having a pair when she was very little. Star power is what we need though so we must find out.

    • Charlene Brisson

      Hi Linnea – great question. My star glasses come in four fashionable florescent colors … orange, pink, green and yellow. I buy them at Superstore – 12 to a pack for $3.99.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rebecca ~ I completely agree that having a signature color is essential to having a distinguished brand. I’m all about the purple baby! :) Thanks for introducing me to Charlene ~ I love her energy and will definitely go check her out.

    • rebeccahappy

      Me too…so what colour are you choosing Beth?

      • Anonymous

        Well I already said it but I’m happy to say it again….my color is purple! If you visit any of my social sites, that will be very clear. :)

        • rebeccahappy

          and clear you are…good thing I can read. Actually purple is my all time favourite colour too. I have no idea how I missed that.

    • Charlene Brisson

      I look forward to meeting you too Beth. If you haven’t signed up for my marketing minute – please do so at Or – please drop by my FaceBook fan page at and let me know where I can find you. See you soon!

  • Deborah Ten Brink

    Hey, Rebecca:

    Charlene is really fast with the marketing tips! I guess it goes to show you that you can get an important thought across very quickly if you’re very focused and prepared! Passionate orange — I like it!

    Thanks for the marketing tips!


    • rebeccahappy

      she used the timer…I tole her that people generally do not listen past 60 seconds.

      • Charlene Brisson

        And people just don’t have time ….

        • rebeccahappy

          no kidding…people are swamped with stuff so have that ADD going on too

  • Teach Jim

    Who would think that a single color would make or break a brand. Thank you for sharing this insightful video.

  • Dr. Adam Sheck

    Fun video, Charlene certainly has a lot of energy (actually more than I can deal with for a minute of video). I’m a little confused though about this color thing. Is it a metaphor for something or does she really mean physical color? And do we change it (as women’s fashion does) for each season?

    • rebeccahappy

      No it is not a metaphor Adam….and no you do not change it. Think about the big brands you know..Coke for example versus you know their colours? FB is blue and not any other colour. Mari smith is all about turquoise…MacDonald’s WestJet etc..if you did deeper you will see that the font that a company uses is also associated with their brand.

      Charlene went over the top to show you how these details are all registered by the viewer and are recognized and associated with the brand. Be recognizable.

    • Charlene Brisson

      Hey Adam – great question – your brand color should be a significant component of your business positioning. Once you select the color you stick with it as it becomes what your customers and prospects recognize you as … without having to read the fine print. Unless of course, you are doing a complete overhaul of your brand and then color is one of the things you do want to change.

      The big brands put a lot of time, energy and HUGE dollars into selecting the right colors that will resonate with the audience they are trying to attract. Here’s a good article about selecting color that you may want read. Cheers … Charlene

  • Golda Smith

    Now that was a great tip. Charlene is a bundle of energy, I like that. It really is the little things that make such a huge difference and color is one of those little things. My color is blue.

  • China Sourcing Gary

    I like the complimentary colors of blue and yellow. Can you consistently do 2 colors? Really fun video series btw. i will be back.

    • rebeccahappy

      OF course you can …take a look at westjet or any of the other big brands…I suggest signing up to Charlene’s marketing minute. they are fun short and sweet and full of great ideas.

    • Charlene Brisson

      Hi Gary – for sure, lots of companies have two colors. Usually one is more dominent than the other – the second color is often an accent or just a splash of color to add definition. is an example of using two colors. If you are Canadian, you’ll also know of – green is their primary color but they also use purple – AND always on a white background. If you see their street teams out and about, their jackets are pretty much always green.

  • Wendy Hewlett

    LOVE this Rebecca. Charlene’s video definitely grabs you!! I will definitely have to sign up to receive her videos in my inbox. Thanks for sharing!


    • Charlene Brisson

      It will be terrific to get to know you Wendy!

  • Debbie@Invisible Heartstrings

    Wow Rebecca, I love Charlene’s Marketing Minutes and have them delivered to my email. Just last night I redid my blog and my color is that new color green. You can see it in the jacket I’m wearing. I changed my Youtube video frame, my optin box color and my Apture drop-down bar that lets people share my content quickly.

    As soon as I saw that video, I knew I had the adopt a color. Color is sooooo effective. I thought about red, but when I looked in my closet, I noticed a lot of that green.

    • Charlene Brisson

      This is terrific news Debbie. I know you’ll see a difference in how your prospects and customers relate to you – and YOU’LL start feeling like you have a more consistent message (even though the message is visual). Green is a very cleansing and fresh color and it also looks great on you! Well done!

    • rebeccahappy

      Very Cool Debbie…you are such a mover it is great to see.

  • SocialBeeOnline

    I guess my color is going to have to bee yellow-gold. I honestly don’t have any clothes in that color, but it’s what I wanted for my blog, twitter, youtube, etc. pages. So, yellow-gold it is. Hmmm, now, what to wear???

  • Steven Dean

    Hmmm, Charlene sure has some great energy to deliver to her audience. Im just like you Rebecca I only take a little information in strides and try to put it on paper and go from there and take in a bit more.


  • Sue Collier

    Hey Rebecca,

    Thanks, I really enjoyed this post! I have not heard of Charlene before but have a feeling I will be opting in for those one minute tips because of the great energy she has!! Loved the sunglasses too! :-)

    Great stuff Rebecca!


    • rebeccahappy

      ‘i am sure you will be glad you did..those sunglasses are crazy for sure.

  • John Gaydon

    Great Rebecca,

    ONe of my sites is a chocolate site, so I modified the whole theme to put everything in chocolate! I agree colour can really make a difference. This lady is outrageous!

  • Lorri

    LOL — sweet! That was so much fun! I’m going to try and implement that into my style! :)

    My color is DEFINITELY green! Not only do I love the color green, always have, but the company I’m with promotes super green products, so that seems like a perfect match to me!

    Thanks Rebecca! What a great post!!

  • Anonymous

    I love the simple step and continuity. Color and annoying…. thanks for being what you say. -b In a nice way.

  • Dianecleak

    Hi Rebecca,
    This is inspirational, as enthusiasm is infectious!
    Thank you for the informative video and for marketing steps.

    All best wishes,

    Diane :)

  • China Sourcing Gary

    I am already a fan of the marketing minute videos. Exciting news about your book. How many videos can you make before you run out of tips?

  • Paulreimers

    Thanks for sharing the info. It’s funny, I have a friend who does real estate investing and he said that the color envelopes that get the best response are orange are are hand addressed and with a normal stamp on them!


    I haven’t focused on a primary color for branding my own business. I normally see how it looks, if it makes sense and finally if it feels right on a gut level.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Navya

    Hi Rebecca,

    I truly love the video! The video by Brisson is sooo nice n her concept like choosing a color is really different from others and it is good to watch this. Thank You Rebecca……

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