Ottawa Home Inspectors On Google Hangouts

by Rebecca Happy on November 20, 2013

Using New Media Tools For Ottawa Home Inspectors Youtube video marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build credibility and reach on the web today. Google has now made it super easy and even more powerful for small businesses to get started with their Google Hangouts on Air platform. Home Inspector Ottawa [...]


The Pilot Project ~ Lisa Larter Tells Us All About It

by Rebecca Happy on June 22, 2013

[pws_video id=1] Click here for more information on  the next Pilot Project .

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Youtube Tip | Marketing With Multiple Youtube Channels

by Rebecca Happy on September 20, 2011

Marketing Multiple Youtube Channels As you may have heard already, online video is big for marketing your business online and strengthening you as a brand. Youtube is the largest video sharing site in the world at the moment. It is also the 2nd largest search engine after Google (who owns it). There are a few [...]


How to Optimize your Youtube Videos

September 6, 2011

Video For Online Visibility Videos and specifically Youtube videos are a great way to get online visibility for the local brick and mortar business owner. There are many things to consider when uploading a video to the web but one of the most important and often overlooked is keyword optimization for SEO purposes. This helps [...]

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Leveraging Live Events With Video

August 23, 2011

Leveraging Video for Online PR Whether you have a brick and mortar business or an online shop, live events are great opportunities to make videos and take lots of pictures. These can all be used to create online content and extend your reach and brand your business. This weekend I had the opportunity to attend [...]

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Hanging With the Baseline Cowboys

July 27, 2011

Who Are the Baseline Cowboys? For the past couple of weeks when I drive down the road I have noticed a group of people hanging out in a fairly busy street on their front lawn drinking beer. They have a sign propped up on the meridian that says join our Facebook group or something. That [...]

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QR Code Bandwagon

July 19, 2011

QR Codes For Competitions   Since I started reading and writing about QR codes I am seeing them more and more in all kinds of places. A couple of weeks ago the Beer Store which happens to be a government run business in Canada was doing a contest promotion using QR codes. They had a [...]

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Branding With Video

July 5, 2011

Use Video To Stand Out [youtube][/youtube] Canada Day 2011: Made In Canada My eldest daughter is home for the summer from university and has been seeking employment. This year there seems to be a lot of competition as the student job market is very slow. She found an ad looking for servers in a brand [...]

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QR Code Craziness

June 21, 2011

QR Codes are Cool QR codes are unquestionably cool and a very powerful use of technology. As I mentioned in the post What Are QR Codes? , they were initially created in the Japan automotive industry to track car parts in the late 90s. They turn the real world into interactive clickable links the way hyperlinks [...]

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10 Ways to Use QR Codes

June 14, 2011

QR Codes Save Time QR Codes are certainly a time saving device for people in this busy world of ours. As more and more people carry smart phones with them they are certainly an excellent tool to be using to stay in contact with your customers or participants. There are certainly hundreds of ways business and [...]

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QR Codes:3 Cool Ways to Use Them In Your Marketing

June 7, 2011

3 Tips for Marketing With QR Codes I was attending mobile marketing webinar the other day with a very successful marketer and speaker. He was using QR codes in a way that I had never seen. Aside from giving us many creative examples for using them he himself used them in very creative ways I [...]

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What Are QR Codes?

May 29, 2011

What Are QR Codes? QR codes are 2D barcodes that were initially used to track inventory in the Japanese car industry.  They have been using them for years. They are very similar to those used in the retail industry today but they can transmit a lot more information and are in the shape of a [...]

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Why You Need to Blog Consistently

May 27, 2011

Why You Need to Blog Consistently This is my blog and as you can see I have not made a post now for almost 2 months. I kind of went off trying to figure out some things and then lost track of time. Yesterday I got the message from two different people that I respect [...]

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6 PR Tips to Increase Visibility

March 1, 2011

Why Think About PR? Public relations or PR is all about managing  your public image and relations with those who are interested in you. In today’s day and age a big part of PR involves managing your online branding and online footprint. Getting PR can really boost your visibility and brand recognition. You want to [...]

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Is Your Brand Media Ready?

February 22, 2011

Being Clear on Your Brand When setting up a publicity campaign to become better known it is essential that you are really clear on what your brand is and what your messages are. Many businesses and people overlook this in their desire to just get out there and talk about what they can do. A [...]

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Podcasts:Getting Set-Up

January 24, 2011

What is a Podcast? Podcasts are your very own audio broadcasts that are easily recorded wherever you are. They can be monologues, interviews, music or even dramatizations and storytelling. Podcasts are digital audio files that are downloadable and can be played on personal devices or computers to be listened to at the listener’s timeline. Podcasts [...]

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Marketing Your Business at Live Events

December 26, 2010

Marketing Your Business at Live Events Marketing online is important and has changed the way the world does business today. Social media has made it easy to network and meet people from around the world or across town but it is essential to take those relationships offline and meet face to face whenever you can. [...]

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Business Marketing Tactics and Tips | Marketing Minute Launch

November 12, 2010

The 3-Step Marketing Pro Charlene Brisson A few months back I wrote 3 posts to talk about what marketing consultant Charlene Brisson says are the 3 steps all marketing needs to take into consideration. In her 25 year experience working with large and small businesses globally , she says it always comes down to the [...]

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Video Marketing Tip for Local Brick and Mortar Business

October 12, 2010

Local Brick and Mortar Business Needing Traffic I was helping a local brick and mortar business the other day. It is one man shop without any online presence. The specific niche is two fold as it has a dual offering. It is a local Ottawa Pawn shop. One aspect of the business is booming. That [...]

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Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

September 12, 2010

What Is A BHAG? BHAG is an acronym for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Who would have guessed? These words strung together make me laugh every time as I get funny images flowing through my brain. It was first coined by American college professors Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in 1992 and written about in their [...]

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Words That Kill Me

September 8, 2010

The Power of Words The power of words spoken, read, written and heard  have the power to actually eat away at your soul and each time they are uttered they will actually deflate your being and kill off  a piece of you. On the other hand they also have a the ability to inflate  your [...]

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Niche Marketing Tips|Niche Marketing Strategies From a Party Queen

August 2, 2010

Finding a Niche For Your Marketing Campaigns The other day I spoke about why you need to do market research using keywords for competition and demand analysis before you do any marketing online. This keyword research is also done for defining your niche marketing and developing possible micro niches. One of my friends and life [...]

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Market Research Using Keywords

July 28, 2010

Why do Market Research Using Keywords? Why do market research? What is market research and why do it using keywords? All my working life I have worked in the charitable sector with people face to face. I had very little use for computers and the world of the online internet marketer wasn’t even in my [...]

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Moving The FREE Line

July 13, 2010

Internet Marketing: Moving The FREE Line The FREE Line What is the FREE line? You most likely have been participating in numerous free line offering without even realizing it. When developing a marketing strategy you need to have something of interest to offer people for them to give you their attention. The more you can [...]

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Make Money From Your Blog Content With Affiliate Marketing

July 2, 2010

Make Money From Your Blog Content With Affiliate Marketing What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a marketing tactic that a business or brand uses to promote and sell their products to more people by using affiliates. Affiliates are people with blogs, websites or networks where they present niche specific products to their customers/readers. The [...]

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Getting Connected In The New Mediascape With Social Media

April 12, 2010

I got started on social media networking seriously several months ago. Up until then I had a facebook page to hook up with friends and workmates. It took a push from a business acquaintance to really get my business going. You have to start somewhere and I am going to help you get started on [...]

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